Rethinking the way people buy homes

And where the home search takes place.

Who we are

A real estate technology company with over 6 years of experience in building innovative tools to empower the next generation to enter the real estate market.

After years of helping people relocate easily under the Navut brand, we're now ready to take on an even bigger feat — simplifying the homebuying journey — as NestReady.

In the News

Press Releases & Articles

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What we do

We believe homebuying should be a seamless, convenient and empowering experience. That's why we have built a platform that goes beyond just showing homes for sale. It covers all aspects of the homebuying journey and provides support for buyers every step of the way.

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How we do it

By partnering with the world's leading financial institutions and integrating our comprehensive homebuying dashboard onto their website, we ensure that our platform reaches those that need it the most — people already researching their mortgage options — while also providing our partner's clients with an unbeatable user experience.

Our Journey

July 2017
New website, update brandingWe launch our new website,, fully transitioning from the Navut brand to NestReady.
June 2017
First partner launchThe #1 lender in the state of Indiana (US) adds NestReady to their website.
March 2017
Market validationMore than 350 decision makers of North American financial institutions confirmed that NestReady is the future of the home & mortgage buying experience.
August 2016
Secured $2 million in fundingSuccessfully closed our second round of funding.
May 2016
Graduated from TechStars BostonSuccessfully graduated from TechStars, one of the best startup accelerators in the world.
February 2016
Entered the US marketBreaking country barriers by launching our first American city: Boston, MA.
July 2015
900,000+ usersHappy to have helped well over 900,000 people relocate.
January 2015
The team grows biggerMore skilled professionals join our team, which by this time counts 20 people.
Late 2014
Media shows us loveWith tech publications like TechVibes, Venture Beat applauding our product, traditional media like The Toronto Star — the biggest newspaper in Canada — also starts showcasing it.
May 2014
Award: Best Startup in North AmericaNext by Google Entrepreneur honors us with the "Best Startup in North America" title.
April 2013
Dragon's Den (Shark Tank Canada)Our participation in the televised show got us 4 offers! We didn't want to lose full control over our business, so we respectfully declined.
October 2013
Neighborhood Finder launchWe launched a unique data-driven tool that matches people with neighborhoods that fit their lifestyle.

Our company is born

Mauro Repacci founded the company with a worthy goal: to make moving anywhere in the world as easy as moving right around the corner.